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Solar Thermal Energy In Europe: Solar Energy Applications To Dwellings

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Long-term Research Challenges In Wind Energy - A Research Agenda By The European Academy Of Wind Energy

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This book presents the view of European wind energy experts on the long-term research challenges to be solved in order to develop wind energy beyond the applications of today and tomorrow. By this book, the European Academy of Wind Energy (eawe), representing universities and institutes with a significant wind energy programme in 14 countries, wants to:

  • identify current technological and scientific barriers and to stimulate new creative ideas to overcome these barriers
  • define priorities for future scientific research
  • rethink our scientific view of wind energy
  • stimulate the cooperation among researchers in fundamental and applied sciences towards wind energy research

The eawe has discussed these long-term research with an explicit focus on a longer-term perspective, in contrast to research agendas addressing short- to medium-term research activities. In other words, this long-term research agenda is driven by problems and curiosity, addressing basic research and fundamental knowledge in 11 research areas, ranging from physics and design to environmental and societal aspects.

Because of the very nature of this initiative, this document does not intend to be permanent or complete. It shows the vision of the experts of the European Academy of Wind Energy, but other views may be possible. The eawe sincerely hopes that it will spur an even more intensive discussion worldwide within the wind energy community. 

Energy Function Analysis For Power System Stability

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This research monograph is in some sense a sequel to the author's earlier one (Power System Stability, North Holland, New York 1981) which devoted cons- erable attention to Lyapunov stability theory, construction of Lyapunov fu- tions and vector Lyapunov functions as applied to power systems. This field of research has rapidly grown since 1981 and the more general concept of energy funct ion has found wide spread application in power systems. There have been advances in five distinct areas (i) Developing energy functions for structure preserving models which can incorporate non-linear load models (ii) Energy fu- tions to include detailed model of the generating unit i. e. , the synchronous machine and the excitation system (iii) Reduced order energy functions for large scale power systems, the simplest being the single machine infinite bus system (iv) Characterization of the stability boundary of the post-fault stable eQui- brium point (v) Applications for large power networks as a tool for dynamic security assessment. It was therefore felt appropriate to capture the essential features of these advances and put them in a somewhat cohesive framework. The chapters in the book rough ly fo llow this sequence. It is interesting to note how different research groups come to the same conclusion via different reas- ings.


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