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A one-stop shop

The Energy Store is a one-stop shop for environmental and energy products. (All products have a 90-day money-back guarantee). I have been studying and researching energy models since I began studying Acupuncture in the early 70s, and have studied energies from as many angles as possible - scientific (I have a degree in Mathematics/Science), cultural (east and west), physical (martial arts and bodywork), spiritual (meditation, etc.), geomancy/feng shui (earth energies, space clearing, energy surveys). More on my background here. The result is an Energy Model which is a very practical approach to everyday problems of energy management, and which is constantly evolving.



Biocircuits and Vibrational Healing

This is new, unique and revolutionary, discovered by our experience with dealing with many conditions. We have developed a method of using Biocircuits (new site)  to deliver the effects of any healing substance vibrationally to the body. The research is extensive, but of course we make no medical claims. Find out for yourself, by following the links above and further links from there.


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